Thank You 2009!

I wanted to post before heading out for the weekend to perform at a great social event on Friday and two weddings on Saturday(morning and evening). It is such a compliment when I can say that most of my business this year came from referrals, clients and all the great wedding vendors in Tulsa who are "in the know" about what I offer(so they tell me)..When I get a request for cards to be mailed to a photographer in OKC because she really likes how I help transform a reception into exactly what her vision for photos are going for that is a true compliment!(thanks Kriea!

Providing trendsetting entertainment & specializing in contemporary & unique wedding receptions is where I feel I needed to focus on and have changed my marketing to match that. My clients have appreciated and appreciate that I take the time to sit down and really talk with them, get to know them and what they would like in their very special day so instead of TulsaWeddingDJ.Com, I am now marketing under ZachDowning.Com.

As 2009 passes I appreciate all the many people who let me be a part of their special day, the many friends I have made in this business and the referrals from the many, many photographers, wedding venues, video journalists, catering masters and MOST importantly my past and current clients (you know who you are!) as well as others in the wedding & special event industry.

In 2009 I invested heavily in upgrades to equipment, attending seminars across the US bettering myself to provide the very best in wedding entertainment for all my clients. In 2010 there will be new idea’s, more equipment changes, expansions and changes to other aspects of how each of my clients that have booked or will book for next year and beyond experience how a truly unique and unforgettable wedding reception cannot be replaced.

Thank you once again and have a great 2009 & 2010 everyone!

Zach Downing


Trendsetting Entertainment

Specializing In Contemporary & Unique Wedding Receptions