Wedding Show Weekend

Be sure to visit us at the Tulsa Wedding Show. It is being help at the Tulsa Renaissance hotel at 71st and 169 This is the biggest wedding show in Tulsa and while there are a few others this is the show to be at. The biggest grand prize, the best vendors all in one show. NO need to visit any other show if you come to this one. You also get a free prize at the door! Stop by booth 38 and talk with us Saturday!

Wedding - Tulsa Garden Center - Lighting

We did a wedding last month and just got some great images from the photographer, John Lew of Tulsa. He took some fab shots of the lighting we designed for this event. Great photos! To add lighting to your next event at any venue in Tulsa contact

What a Wedding

Just got back into the office after a great wedding Saturday night at the Dresser Mansion. This was the Third wedding of three that this couple had. The first was in Australia, the second was in England and this was the Third.

We always love being at the dresser, Charlie & Gina are great to work with and so helpful. The wedding was held outside in a heated 20x40 tent in the backyard, guests came inside for a hour and a half cocktail hour with two open full bars and passed appetizers. Dinner was served at 7:30 in the tent outside and guests were treated to Mershon's catering with Prime rib, sides, wrapped asparagus and wine. After dinner guests gathered inside the mansion main entry for the Toasts. Cake cutting was followed by hours of dancing and drinking ending at the strike of Midnight as the Bride and Groom rode off into the dark November night in Tulsa. A few photos are below for your enjoyment.

For booking call -

German American Society Wedding -
GAC Tulsa - Great wedding!
For booking info - 918-284-4933

Civic Center Wedding - OKC - Hall Of Mirrors

Our sister company in Oklahoma City was out and about in OKC this weekend. The civic center wedding was a great wedding. Jeff and Moran were both super clients. We met with them last April to plan this wedding and everyone was great. Abbey Road catering was super easy to work with and from what we were told the food was great! The Civic center was very easy as well and the staff was great. Morgan designed the cakes herself and did a great job, not sure who did the cake but it looked very nice!

Here is the profile for the event:

280 guests -
20+ Tables
280+ Chair covers
5-6 candles on each table - lit
Centerpieces on each table
18 uplights were used around the room to highlight the colors
4 lights were used on the stage computer controlled to add some extra excitement.

Sound was provided to fill the room but we could have used a little more but wasn't in the budget for the client. The grand entrance was to How Sweet It Is To be Loved by You - Michael Buble , The first dance was fun and upbeat to michael buble - everything. The hosts gave a welcome(brides dad) , no formal toasts were given, cake cutting and dancing! The sorority sisters did the special circle dance followed by the house rap song. After that the dancing ensued with the bride being given the VIP treatment to dancing queen by all the girls at the party. Jeff stepped it up to dance to some Vanilla ice with his guys and the dance floor was non-stop until 11pm when they made their grand exit outside.

Visit them at or for a quote for your wedding.

OKC -405-334-4203
Tulsa - 918-284-4933

Wedding Weekend!

5 Great weddings this weekend...5 VERY happy clients......stay tuned for more photos!

Tulsa Garden Center Wedding

Recently we did a wedding at the Tulsa Garden center in Tulsa - We provided some lighting outside as its rather dark for people enjoying some fresh air...needless to say the garden center loved it as well as the clients. It really turned the venue into something unique...we also saw many people slowing down on the street to see what was going on!

Here are some photos....

Photographer of the Month! Ashley Hopper

Ashley is an up and coming photographer in Tulsa, I have been seeing her and more and more weddings. She does a great job always on cue and ready to capture that special moment.

We recently worked with her at the Gilcrease Museum in Sand Springs, beautiful wedding. We provided the sound for the wedding ceremony, reception entertainment and lighting design. Visit the galley below!

Zach Downing

Renaissance hotel tulsa oklahoma - Wedding and Ceremony

We did the lighting design and entertainment at both these great weddings. Fun was had by all the entire night.

Wedding Update! Gilcrease Museum & Bernsen Community Center

Gilcrease Museum - Wedding & Ceremony - Lighting Design/DJ/Emcee and Coordination

Bernsen Community Center Wedding - Tulsa

Photographer of the month - Aaron Steele

We worked with Aaron a few weeks ago at the below wedding at camp lough ridge. He did a great job before the ceremony, checking light levels, ensuring that it would look great for the ceremony.

After the was very organized to get the photos taken and the bridal party on their way to the reception.

Also at the reception they were always around to capture those special moments and were very professional. Great job, so be sure to check with them if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding.

German American Center Wedding - Saturday August 26th

Video and Photos -

We worked with Linda and Ryan on their wedding for just under two weeks! They had booked a DJ company that canceled on them and left them high and dry. When they called our office we immediately went into action to help them plan this epic wedding. The German American center was decked out from front and back with a very nice layout (see photos below)....they also worked with some great vendors to make it an evening that will not be forgotten by most. Dancing into the night was the conclusion of this day and the bride and groom left in the Tulsa Trolly into maritial bliss.

Entertainment- Downing Entertainment - TulsaWeddingDJ.Com
Photography -
Videography - Video Highlights - Karl and Holly Hildreth -
Chair Covers -
Catering & and Bartender - Uniquely Yours Catering -918-557-1283
Lighting Design - Great Lighting Design of Tulsa

Another Wedding Weekend!

August is a month of weddings! Weddings, weddings and more weddings! (BUT WE LOVE IT!)

What a great wedding Friday night...Sarah and Jarod got married at 7pm at Kirkland Chapel at the camp, joined by 150 close friends and family they sailed into martial bliss!

Following the ceremony was a great reception. Open Beer and Wine bar, full buffeet with heavy hors d'oeuvres.

The venue was lit up both inside and outside by Great Lighting Design -

Catering was done by "The catering Kitchen" at the camp and was super from what I heard of the guests comments.

Camp Loughridge - Kathy the venue manager was super work work very flexible and on site to help with any questions.

Aaron Steele was a great photographer whom I just met at the wedding, he was always around to capture that "moment"...I can't wait to see the photos..

Sharon Holmes from TulsaWeddings.Com - Mary Claire Holloway consultants was super..she was always available with answers to questions and helped keep the ceremony on track...great job!

The DJ was of course - Zach Downing - Downing Entertainment - www.TulsaWeddingDJ.Com

Sarah and Jarod danced until the venue was ready to shut it down! The guests both enjoyed and relaexd all evening long. Great Lighting Design provided the venue lighting outside and inside.

Mayo Hotel Wedding and Reception

Keith Celeste Kochner were married at the Mayo hotel in a very intimate and elegant wedding ceremony. 100 guests, Mershon's catering and event design, TulsaWeddingDJ.Com, and Storybook photography. Fully served meal and open bar led the guests into the wedding of the month. Dancing and fun had by all until the clock struck midnight....

Dresser Mansion Wedding - 8/15/2008

Another great wedding at the dresser mansion, Gina and Charley always on top of the game, Mershon's catering did the design and (GREAT) food(smoked shrimp cocktails, cheese, little Popsicle meatballs, steak, some HAND MADE desserts (in lew of cake)..full open bar and a great elegant design(see video)....we provided the sound for the groom to serenade his bride on his guitar...we also provided the music for the ceremony to ensure it was absolutly perfect...storybook photography was on site to capture the below for the video!

Summit Club Wedding - 8/16/2008

Kayla and Brent had a FAB wedding on the 30th floor of the summit club. We worked with some great wedding vendors at the event, Tasha -Floral, Mrs Laura's Cakes, Scott - Photographer, Tulsa Photobooth, Zach(of course DJ) , Summit club, catering, bar and service(A+)....

Below is a video of the event!

Are all wedding DJ's created the same?? A open letter to wedding vendors in Tulsa


Good afternoon,

As wedding vendors, we strive to give our clients our all, we strive to give them the best for their special day. But some couples really do need a little hand holding to bring the entire picture to light. They have the best food, the best flowers, the best photography, the best video, the best chair covers...but skimp on the can really put a damper on all those "best" services even though you as vendors did you best.

If the customers guests leave after an hour, half the food is left and there are no photos to be taken of people dancing...what do you think her overall view of her wedding reception will be.....(insert answer here).....

While most clients put about 1% of their entire budget into entertainment. Some put much less thought that that.

Our clients that book with TulsaWeddingDJ.Com know that they are getting the best of the best in Tulsa and Oklahoma, we deliver a knockout punch at the reception and ensure that everyone goes away happy.

<--an actual picture of TulsaWeddingDJ.Com in action...

As a wedding DJ/Entertainer/Entertainment director our jobs are to ensure that all aspects of the evening are flawless, we do so much more than just play music...we entertain, relax and ensure the client is happy when the clock strikes wedding vendors you should also ensure that your client knows what options are out there. We always advise clients to meet with at least 2-3 DJ companies when thinking about booking one. Let them see the styles and compare apples to weddings vendors it only makes us better and strive to make each wedding unique and special.

We would be happy to talk with your clients so they can avoid having a wedding DJ nightmare....

Best regards,

Zach Downing




Photographer of the month - Photography by Laura

We wanted to make a mention of a great photograher in Tulsa. Photography by laura is located in the farm shopping center and has been in business for many years in Tulsa. Finding a great photographer that is ethical, takes great photos and works with others at a wedding is few and far between but Laura and her staff do a great job.

Stay tuned for Septembers Photographer of the month!!

8/3/08 - Tarp Chapel - Andy & Celeste -

DJ Zach - Great wedding ceremony and reception!

8/2/08 St. Mary's Tulsa - Catholic Wedding & Reception- Tom & Sophie


DJ Randy rocked the house until midnight, proving that even a small crowd can really have a great time!


8/2/08 Citiplex - Wedding - Megan & Calvin

Even though there were a few problems with the building having the front doors locked while the guests arrived it turned out to be a great wedding- We provided the lighting design, custom monogram for the bride and groom and stage lighting. 6 hours of setup proved to turn out very well!

8/2/08 Renaissance/Renissance Hotel Tulsa - Hindi/Traditional Wedding - Ryan & Swapna

Great wedding weekend....5 weddings and all a smashing success! Below are some pictures and video of our large 350 guest wedding and reception at the Renaissance Hotel Tulsa...

DJ Paul was the DJ with everyone on the dancefloor all night! Ended at 12:30 about an hour after the scheduled end time! Congrats to both the bride and groom! Melissa Keely is the social events manager and did a great job to bring this event together with the food, coordination and execution of a large wedding. Great job Melissa!