Congratulations to Scott & Sidney

Venue: Five Oaks Lodge
Catering - Five Oaks Lodge
DJ- Zach Downing
Lighting - Empire Lighting Design
Photographer: Francines Photography
Videography- Cherished Traditions
Ice: Millennium Ice Carvings

What a beautiful weekend for weddings, I wanted to post one that I did on Saturday night with Scott and Sidney Webb. They arrived ahead of the guests so the grand entrance was scratched as the guests came piling in behind them giving them hugs and high fives so we went with the flow.

Dinner was served with some GREAT catering by the family at Five oaks, Randy had some mean smoked Salmon, Roast and Chicken that could compete in any competition in Tulsa for smoked meat! The staff at Five oaks was great as usual! It was a great night of dancing, mingling and hanging out by all, the click stuck 11:30 and all were sent off for the night. Congratulations to a great family and enjoy the photos.

More to come soon I hope!

New Iphone version of website launched

For those of you browsing the internet on an iphone or blackberry our website is now compatible with your iphone/blackberry or other mobile phone. Its best to view it on a mac/PC but if your on the go and want to look at some photos will do the trick!

Ken and Beth October 3rd 2009

Wedding venue: South Tulsa Baptist
Reception venue: Renaissance Hotel
Photography: Storybook Wedding Photography
Videography: Ralph lasiello
Cakes: Ms. Laura's Cakes
Flowers: Floral Touch
Catering: Renaissance Hotel
DJ: Zach Downing Entertainment
Lighting: Empire Lighting Design
Transportation: Crumpton Aviation Helicopter

What a great wedding, Ken and Beth have been the best clients to work with, they are both so down to earth and wanted to have a special evening with family and friends. They both put alot of planning and work into making the wedding and reception absolutely unique. From arriving at the reception at the hotel in a helicopter to the fantastic decor and lighting everone was blown away as they came into the reception. Below are some pics to enjoy!(taken via Iphone)