Tulsa Military Wedding


We got a call a week ago about a wedding being planned. This was to be held initially in Canada I belive located in what I have never heard of Baniff Springs http://www.fairmont.com/banffsprings/
From what I see this is really a nice place! So if you are thinking about having your wedding out of Tulsa or in another country! There ya go!
Also this wedding was moved to Tulsa last minute and they lost alot of their deposits, retainers as the military called...so the bride is now in the Air Force! In the brides own words:
"Never let it be said that life in the military isn't exciting. As the commercials say, it's not just a job... it's an Adventure. Sometimes that adventure includes flying in dark skies over hostile borders and sometimes it means planning your wedding for a second time in the same year. Due to some complications at Alan's work, we've moved some things around a bit, namely the date and the country."

Making Wedding Planning Online Easy

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