Large elegant wedding and some pictures

Just wanted to post some pictures of a wedding we did a few weeks ago.

Take 5 video did the video -
www.TulsaWeddingDJ.Com was the DJ for the night
Catering was done by Ginger Mosher of Pryor Oklahoma (sorry no company name available)
Photographer was done by- (coming soon)

The night began with a romantic ceremony in front of the estate - following the ceremony was a lovely reception that was held in a tent as well as around the indoor pool. The pool had a clear dancefloor installed over it, each table had TY Nant water and a personal wedding cake. The food was a mix of meat and veggies. There were three chocolate fountains, and a game room with pizza, candy..candy..and more candy for the kids. The guests had a great time dancing and we actually went an hour longer then planned. This is the second wedding we have done for the family, the first was the brides sister two years ago. We are also providing holiday entertainment for their company party in December.

Below are a few pictures of the event.

Clear Dancefloor over the pool
The DJ setup
Tent with tables before the guests arrive

Guests were served imported water from VOSS & TY NANT

Dancing and haveing the special "first dance" by