Dresser Mansion Open House

We had the privilege of attending the Dresser Mansion open house last week and it was a great event. We brought out the new setup that really fit nice inside the mansion. Small compact and very elegant(per Gina). There is not alot of room at the mansion for a large sound system, belive me you will really regret it if your DJ shows up with a concert sound system at your reception and you have to figure out how to fit it inside the mansion!

If your getting married at the Dresser Mansion be sure to check with us about your wedding ceremony as well (okay commercial over!) Time for the pics! Also links to come!

Catering company was Chefs on the Run and I have to say that I heard SO many comments about how great the food was and I myself sampled some and have to agree, it was about the best catering that I have tasted from a "on the run" catering company.

Cake was done by Ludgers, while the cake was still frozen when sampled its hard to beat the Bavarian cream(although I am a bigger fan of the chocolate version).

Photographer was Andrea Murphy and she had some really cool photos on display!

There was also a real treat upstairs in the bridal sweet..a Spa! What a perfect idea! Have them come up for some chair massages, hand rubs and more the day off..your family, brides maids will love them. They also have a great palce over at 81st and Memorial..

Blue Label bartenders were on site and Garrett was great! He is great and you can't go wrong when you bring them into the picture! (plus its required at the dresser to have a licensed bartender on site)

Entertainment - Zach Downing - TulsaWeddingDJ.Com

Photobooth - TulsaPhotobooth.Com