Handthrow Streamers - REALLY are unique!

If your looking for a unique way to end your ceremony give your guests something to THROW at you! We now offer hand held streamers! These were designed for the Disney company and we now offer them to you!

The small packets are loaded with 16 15' streamers. You simply put the loop over your finger with the packet in the palm of your hand. Then tear off the cover with the attached tab, and give the packet a toss like a Frisbee or baseball. A huge burst of Streamers will burst from your hand! Guess what...NO Mess..
The Streamers stay attached to the loop that's around your finger! You can pull them back in and throw them away or tear them off and leave them there..it's up to you!

Available in multi-color (bright colors, colors may vary from picture), and white, and Red, White And Blue.

We can create a custom colored Handthrow for you too.
(With custom colors there is a minimum of 250 pieces needed .)

This is valid for our customers only, if your not a customer become one!
Just another perk for booking with Tulsa's Best Wedding DJ's!